Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Holidaying in Kerala

Nalukettu, a partial view of my ancestral home in Cherthala

Summer in Kerala is quite sultry and I normally do not prefer to visit the place during April to May while working outside Kerala. By the first week of June, the south west monsoon erupts and the whole landscape changes drastically in the torrential downpour. This indeed is a great time for indoors.

This time, the visit was inevitable during April as I was changing my job and had a good month’s time to visit Kerala traveling from Dubai. In someway, this intermission is a relaxing time and in certain other way, it is a time of anxieties. But, that is the way the Good Lord has intended one’s life to be!

Visiting parents in Cherthala, attending the engagement of a nephew and going over to Chennai to see my daughter Lavanya, the budding and most demanding architectural student, occupies considerable time. Some torrential pre-monsoon rains, Elephants of Punnathoor Kotta, a mesmerizing musical evening of Pundit Shivkumar Sharma at Palakkad, a visit to Kumarakom, the exotic tourist spot to call on visiting friends from UK were all some bonuses, not to forget the sumptuous Mampazha Pulisseri (Ripe mango curry with yoghurt and coconuts) and Jackfruit Avial (mixed vegetable preparation unique to Kerala ) in the best tradition made by my mom.

The tour continues and I have to catch up with bit of writing too. Juan from Madrid reminds me of my delay in posts. There are quite a bit of loose ends to be tied.

Here are some photos taken on the way!

Padmavibhushan Shivkumar Sharma on Santoor at Palakkad

Bats at our Sarppakkavu in Chenganda

Palakkad scene before the rains

Sindhu at Kumarakom with Margarette and Anna from UK

Elephants at Punnathoor Kotta , Guruvayur

Backwaters of Chenganda, adjacent to our ancestral home

Palakkad, South India,8th April 2008.

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