Saturday, January 30, 2010

Some Stamp Papers of the Princely States of Cochin and Travancore

Stamp paper of value 32 puttans.

The studies on the court fee stamps, revenue stamps and other stamp papers of the pre- independent days of India can be of much interest to enthusiasts. Those pertaining to the princely states of Cochin and Travancore and done with much aesthetics and are of great historical importance.

The stamp papers were designed by the British as a means to collect taxes from residents of some of the Princely States as early as 1797. The designs of these papers included the name of the state as well as the amount of tax imposed.

Early examples of stamped paper from British India and the Princely States were simpler and often colorless, much like a notary's seal. Later, these were replaced by typeset or engraved stamps. Subsequently, color was added, and printings for many of the states were imported from Europe.

I have gone through some of my collections and found the portrait series of Cochin much to my liking.

Sir Sri Rajarshi Rama Varma I, Raja of Cochin, 1895-1914
(Ozhinja Valiya Thampuran )

Sir Sri Rama Varma II, RajaMaharaja of Cochin, 1914-1932
(Madrasil Theeppetta Thampuran )

Sir Sri Kerala Varma II, Maharaja of Cochin 1941-43
(Midukkan Thampuran)

Sir Sri Ravi Varma Kunjappan Thampuran, Maharaja of Cochin, 1943-46

Sir Sri Kerala Varma III,1946-48 ,(Ikyakeralam Thampuran)
the last Cochin ruler to be portrayed on stamps

Travancore Stamp Paper 1920

Travancore Copying paper of value 3 1/2 chuckram

Travancore- Cochin non judicial paper of value 45 rupees

Palakkad, South India.
31st January 2009.

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