Friday, February 01, 2008

Calling it a Day

In life, many an occasion arises when you have to call it a day. Obviously, I do not mean the simple routines like returning home from work or retiring to bed for the day.
There is this ultimate way of calling it a day, by kicking the bucket at the ripe old age. Ancient sages prayed that it has to be like the stalk of a fully ripe fruit slowly coming out of the stem of the tree and falling, so peacefully and realizing that the job is done; the karma is over.
Here, by the expression I meant resigning or coming out of your job. In modern times, youngsters as well as the not-so-young have to change jobs willfully or otherwise.
It happens with me for the second time rather abruptly. Willfully it had happened twice in my career and those were my choices for career moves.
The abrupt decisions to call it a day are more out of extraneous factors over which sometimes you don’t have a choice. Once in Africa, it was due to the political turmoil which affected my bank. This time in Dubai, it is more out of disagreements on expectations and on the principles of professionalism.
It is a bit difficult to adjust to the facts and re-orient yourself. But, these things do happen in life unless one is employed with the Government where the job security is guaranteed to even unreasonable extents.
In the senior levels especially, points of discord among the top management are common. There are also people at the top with much less contribution but who always act as if they are the fulcrum of the system and who are adept in maligning the minds of other decision makers. When things reach a flash point on disagreements, you have no choice but to put in your papers, with a big “thank you “. There is no option, unlike in the junior levels in the Government when people go for a show down supported by the unions.
There is no point in regretting too. In your career, as in your personal life, you gain some and you lose some. These are eternal lessons of a continuously evolving life. Nobody could be adept at everything and there could be no life without the troughs.
Life has to go on and who knows about those bouquets waiting from unknown corners? When one door closes, another opens. One day the prison doors clank shut behind and at another place, the next day, the door swings ajar!
Dubai, 31st January 2008.


Sreejith said...

It is really shocking and surprisng to read the words muralimmavan has typed in"to call it a day" on his current assignment. As you have cited the reasons there isnt any point as to question "why"?. i pray to almighty that u get a better one at the earliest in middle east will be too young of u to retire from the work culture..

Manoj said...

At this age, a person with a great caliber of yours there is no way to think about a retirement.As I can understand you as my manger from Vysya Bank and your commitment towords the job while struggling to cop with the inhuman activities of higher ups, I can see where you are..This could be a turning point. Once you said to me "Time will cure everything". Lets wait some more, there is some thing good waiting for you.

Murali RamaVarma said...

Thank you, Sreejith. As I have already told you, I have learnt to deal with life with all its myriad ways, often the tough ones too. Another door is bound to open, as I believe.


Murali RamaVarma said...

My dear Manoj,

You are most kind and unique in your ways. All the three times, I met you in UK you had not changed from your earlier wonderful self.You also keep good things in your mind.

All the best and thanks for all care.



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