Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lyrical Best Wishes on Wedding Anniversary

Today, my parents celebrate their 56th wedding anniversary, most simply in the serene surroundings of our ancestral Tharavadu, called Parimanathu Kovilakom, in Cherthala, the erstwhile Karappuram of the princely state of Travancore.
Though old, both my father and mother, by the grace of Almighty are healthy and look after their daily chores with peace and fulfillment.
It is extremely rare to be blessed with longevity, health, simplicity in needs, self refinement, devotion to God, hard work, contentment and Thithiksha (This word in Sanskrit means endurance and patience untouched by happiness and sorrow). Without doubt, one could say that all these are true for my beloved father, Rama Varma. Such people are extremely few in any period and in any part of the world. It is due to the blessings of Goddess Mahamaya, his beloved deity; he continues to shed an ethereal element of simplicity possessed only by the Rishis of yore and intensely felt by all who come into contact with him.
My mother, Nalini Thampuratty has been a strong lady of many virtues and as per Marumakkathayam (matrilineal system of inheritance) was the inheritor of Parimanathu Kovilakom properties. She was the pet of her uncle PN Goda Varma Thampan, the doyen of the family who was a great scholar in Sanskit and English with much erudition. He established the first school of the village in 1940s which is today a High School.
In the first half of the 20th century in Kerala, for marriages in Kerala, it was usual for poets and scholars to read and present Managalasamsakal (Lyrics of best wishes) to the newly married couples. Often, these were got printed and distributed. Some of these are especially notable for fine verses written with elegance and beauty reflecting the language.
For the marriage of my parents, Managalasamsakal was given by Varanadu K.P.Sastrigal, a renowned scholar of the times and a great friend and admirer of our grand uncle. He was a founding member of the Akhila Bharata Ayyappa Seva Sangham founded in 1945, to help the pilgrims undertaking the holy trip to Sabarimala shrine.
It may be of some interest to some to see the scholastic verses of the poet and hence the same is reproduced alongside. I shall think of giving it an English translation, conveniently.

4th February 2008.


Remya said...

Murilimmava....u truely gave a picture of their blessed lives....the simplicity of their lives is one of the virtues i always used to gaze up proud to be their granddaughter ....

Murali RamaVarma said...

Great, Remya. Absorbing such virtues as simplicity should be our legacy. I am happy that by sitting far away in UK , you could appreciate the sentiments more.


Cindy Flowers said...

that's a nice post and a very touching wedding anniversary wishes for your parents, Happy anniversary for them!

Poochi said...

I am grand daughter of Varanadu KP Shastrigal and its great to see some of his work published here . .. I never got to meet him in person, only heard so much about him

Thanks for writing about him.

Poochi said...

Thanks for writing about my grandfather KP Shastrigal and posting his poem. I shall pass this on to my father as well.- Beena

Poochi said...

Glad to read about my grandfather KP Shastrigal in your blog and posting his poem.
- Beena

Poochi said...

I am grandaughter of Varanadu K P Sastrigal..found your blog and feels really good to see my appupan and his work being remembered and appreciated. Thankyou!

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