Thursday, November 04, 2010

Defending our Honour

Dying with honour- Seppuku-

One of the most shameful incidents of corruption in public life in post independent India has come out with the exposition of the Adarsh society scam from Mumbai.

Whatever may be said and justified by the VVIPs involved –which includes Chief Ministers, Cabinet ministers, Service Chiefs, Chief Secretary/Secretaries, politicians etc etc- , it is clear as crystal that all of them were aware of the gravity of the outrage they were committing. If someone claimed that he was ignorant of the facts surrounding the housing project, we can safely presume that he was not fit to be in the exalted pedestal where we had placed him.

Here you see greedy, powerful and rich people manipulating every rule and grabbing the land which belonged to the Indian Army. This was the force which was expected to protect 1.1 billion people of this country from enemies. The army in its wisdom and good intention had proposed to build a small housing complex in the prime area of Mumbai adjacent to the Defence offices mainly for the widows and families of the Kargil war veterans. The project was scuttled and the day-light robbery was committed with scant respect for the rule of the law.

Operation Vijay medal awarded to soldiers of Kargil war

Amitabh Naik, my esteemed friend and the son of a most illustrious father who belonged to the last batch of ICS of pre independent India, recently wrote to me about the value the Samurais- the warriors of medieval Japan- attached to their personal honour. Suicide by Seppuku (stomach-cutting) was invariably carried out by the Samurais to die with honour if they had committed any act of shame. Alas! Our leaders are blissfully ignorant of history. May be these ravenous animals do not understand the meaning of honour. Otherwise, how could a General/Admiral forget the tears of the widows of the soldiers he commanded who laid down their lives with honour for the country?

None of those involved shall go for Sepukku because he has to lose much and he does not really care for the country or its people.

The least we expect from the government is a speedy investigation to bring out the culprits and to punish them severely by impounding their ill-gotten assets so that it should act as a deterrent to the other wily animals around who may have nasty intentions.

Let us bow our heads in shame before the real heroes and their families of the Kargil war!

Tripunithura, South India
Diwali, 2010.


Bernard said...

Harakiri is for Brave men, not for these cowards!

Will our land ever get its old time glory?! We have been thinking about this on more than one occassions. The problem is - even if, you are correct and willing to do justice, in a rotten and top- to botton corrupt administerial machinery, either you will be victimised or will remain as a lone crusader like Bedi or Raju Narayana swami or Sheshan! This is Shame on all of us!- including Me and you !

Let me remain with this-

Thamasoma jyothir Gamaya
Asathoma sadgamaya
Mruthyoma Amrutham gamaya

God bless my country - My India.

Murali RamaVarma said...

Dear Bernard,

Thanks for noticing the abominable ways of the Indian politician.The whole episode is very humiliating indeed for a sensible and sensitive citizen.

Kindest regards,


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