Sunday, June 17, 2018

Return of the Native!

I welcome back my good readers to my blog after a gap of 6 years. The gap represents a good time in human life during which the communication had been lost and so much had happened in each of our lives.

The death of my father had caused in me a deep vacuum and I had lost the thrill of writing. Added with the vagaries of an official life it was not easy to relax and write. As Orhan Pamuk, the Turkish Nobel laureate, rightly observed, “Every man’s death begins with the death of his father” and I felt the ripples very earnestly.  Later in November 2016, my dearest mother too left the world and it was mentally very shattering for me. In moments of aloofness and some despair, I felt the void and the absence of caress and experienced the chill of being an orphan. I thought about many little things I could have done for them, about the leisurely time I could have spent with them and about the soothing touch my presence would have given them. Even now, the intensity of the loss hounds me in my extremely private moments.  Alas! Life is a one-way traffic and no one can retrace the steps.

Presently, having retired from the service and the days (nights too) are spent at my will I thought of scribbling on matters that interest me. If any of my young readers, in particular, could get some positivity about any of my observations and writings, I would feel very happy. All that I write come out of an unadulterated heart and will necessarily bear the stamp of integrity.

Palakkad, South India

Father’s Day, 2018

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